Adam Allentuck

Institute of Archaeology, University College London

Zooarchaeology, Human-Animal Relations, Epipalaeolithic, Early Bronze Age, Southern Levant


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Laura Banducci

Greek and Roman Studies, Carleton University

Ceramics analysis, foodways and domestic behaviours


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Jennifer Campbell

Manager, Cultural Heritage

City of Kingston, Cultural Services

Digital Media, Heritage, Architecture, Caravanserai

Pakistan, India



Stephen Batiuk

CRANE/University of Toronto

 Landscape Archaeology, GIS and Remote Sensing, Computing in Archaeology

Turkey, Ethiopia, Georgia.



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Kate Cooper

Royal Ontario Museum & Classics/UTSc

Archaic Greece, Corinthian Pottery, Museum Collecting & Display, Greece



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Kevin Fisher

Univeristy of British Columbia

Socio-spatial analysis , digital and geospatial technologies in archaeology




Paul Duffy

 Anthropology - University of Toronto

Social inequality and political hierarchy, Spatial and network analysis





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Michaela Ecker

 Anthropology - University of Toronto

Hunter-gatherers, fieldwork techniques, quaternary science, stable isotopes

South Africa

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Alexandra Hartnett

 Trinity College - University of Toronto – Colonialism, consumption

Late & Post Medieval, ethnohistory





Jill Hilditch

University of Amsterdam

Ceramics, Archaeological Science, Material Culture Studies





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Emily M. Hubbard

Geoarchaeology, human-environment interaction, social inequality, ritual contexts, micromorphology, early economic development

Levant, Israel



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Sascha Priewe

Royal Ontario Museum

Interaction and exchange, Religion and Ritual, Museum Studies, China and Korea



Danielle Macdonald

University of Tulsa

Lithic analysis, microwear analysis, surface metrology





Quentin Letesson

 Art - University of Toronto

Minoan archaeology, Architectural and spatial Analysis





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Erell Hubert

Musée des beaux-arts, Montreal

Identity, Colonial Encounters, Andean Archaeology, and Museum Studies.




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Suzanne Needs-Howarth

Perca Zooarchaeological Research & Trent University Archaeological Research Centre

Zooarchaeology, foodways, historical ecology, landscape interaction, methods, Iroquoian, Ontario




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Lisa A. Maher

Department of Anthropology

University of California, Berkeley

Human-Environment Interactions, Hunting, Gathering, Farming Transitions

Eastern Mediterranean, Late Pleistocene





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Dimitri Nakassis

Classics/ University of Colorado Boulder

Mycenaean archaeology, scripts of the Aegean BronzeAge, and survey methods.


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Western Argolid Regional  Project

Carolyn Barshay Szmidt

Isotrace, University of Toronto

Radiocarbon dating, Paleolithic




Monica Ramsey

University of Toronto

Human-Environment interactions, paleoethnobotany, microbotanical analysis, hunter-gatherers, transition to agriculture, Southern Levant, Canadian Plateau



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Sally Stewart


Survey, Raw Material Sourcing, Lithics




Ron Williamson

Archaeological Services Inc.

History of Northern Iroquoians; Cultural Resource Management; First Nations Consultation

Northeastern North America



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Alice Yao

Anthropology, University of Chicago

Frontiers, Social change, Ethnicity and statehood




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The Archaeology Centre, 19 Russell St., Toronto, Ontario M5S 2S2.    email: