Caravanserai Networks Project - Pakistan


Heather Miller and Jennifer Campbell direct the Caravanserai Networks Project which is centered around the medieval/Islamic period trade and communication routes through north-western Pakistan. This long-term project includes a number of Pakistani and international scholars, examining economic, political, and social aspects of the contact between people along these routes.


Heather's major project at present is the construction of a database and GIS system to allow spatial analysis of historical records and archaeological finds pertaining to the travel networks of this region, a system which will eventually be posted on the Internet for use by other scholars. Her immediate field research focuses on both glazed and unglazed ceramics from the excavations at Gor Khuttree in the center of Peshawar, work being conducted by the Directorate for Archaeology and Museums of the Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP). Dr. Jennifer Campbell, former student at U of T, has conducted architectural analysis of the Gor Khuttree and other Mughal period serais in the region, including the creation of a flexible typology for the recording of standing architecture.  See Dr. Miller's home page for more information


Jennifer work is currently focused on the expansion of the project into northern India and on the continued development of architectural survey techniques for recording the standing architecture along South Asia's mediveal trade and communication routes. Jennifer analyzes the use and arrangement of 'space' within structures using three-dimensional architectural modeling corroborated with information from historic documents, photographs, and informant interviews. These spatial uses are then explored as they anchor memories and identities that are expressed through architectural forms and spatial occupations.



Professor Heather Miller, Department of Anthropology (UTM)


Dr. Jennifer Campbell, Archaeology Centre (SUNY – Potsdam)

The Archaeology Centre, 19 Russell St., Toronto, Ontario M5S 2S2.    email: