There is a comprehensive suite of analytical and imaging equipment available for use within the Centre, as well as specialist archaeological field equipment available for rent.


In the Centre:


a) 3D Scanner - The NextEngine 2020i-HD 3D scanner is capable of making full-colour 3D surface models of most objects 1cm or greater in diameter with a base resolution of 400dpi. Software is provided for capturing scanned data and post-production editing (shape modification, clean-up, etc.)


If you are interested in scheduling time with the 3D scanner you must first book an orientation session for operating this equipment. A hard-copy training manual is also available for review and troubleshooting issues.


b) Digital Cameras and Light Box - There is a mounted Canon digital SLR EOS40D with macro and light box. Images are directly uploaded to a desktop computer or laptop and are immediately available for editing and post production management. A second Canon digital SLR EOS40D is also available for use.


c) Flatbed Scanner - The Centre has a flatbed scanner that can be used on any of the available computers, the laptop, or a visitor's computer. It is a full colour, high-resolution model (CanoScan N 650W) capable of scanning many kinds of media, including photo slides.


d) Color Laser Printer - The color laser printer is available for use by Archaeology Centre members. It produces photo quality color prints. The cost for printing is 25 cents (colour) and 8 cents (B/W) per sheet. Members are asked to print at the lowest acceptable quality to conserve ink.


Rental Equipment:


The Archaeology Centre has equipment available for loan to members for a nominal fee. For rental fees and availability, please contact the Centre ( Duration of each loan will be negotiated on a case by case basis.


- Digital SLR Camera (standard lens, macro lens, control software)

- NextEngine Desktop 3D Scanner

- Leica TPS800 Total Station with Tripod and associated software

- AMS Coring Equipment

- Toshiba Satellite U400 laptop


 If you have quality analysis or field equipment you are willing to donate or make available to the Centre, please contact us by email:


The Archaeology Centre, 19 Russell St., Toronto, Ontario M5S 2S2.    email: