Edward Swenson

Director, Archaeology Centre

Anthropology/St. George

Moche Civilization. Ritual and Ideology, Spatial and Architectural Analysis

Peru, Cambodia

Ben Akrigg

Classics/St. George

Greek Social and Economic History




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Seth Bernard

Classics/St. George

Mid-Republican Rome, Livy and Republican historiography, monetary history, the archaeology of Republican Rome

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Justin Jennings

Archaeology Centre Executive Board 2018/19, Royal Ontario Museum / Anthropology,UTG

Complex Societies, Globalization, Settlement Pattern Analysis



Carl Knappett

Archaeology Centre Executive Board 2018/19,   Art/St. George

Walter Graham/Homer Thompson Chair

Material Culture Theory, Ceramic Analysis



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Palaikastro Project

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SeungJung Kim

Department of Art, UTG

Greek art and architecture, temporality, narrative, phenomenology and perception, and gender in ancient art.




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Charly Bank

Archaeology Centre Executive Board 2018/19, Earth Science/St. George

Geophysical Method and archaeology

Ground Penetrating Radar, Magnetometry



Ephraim Lytle

Classics/St. George

Greek Social and Economic History, Fishing and the Sea



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Ted Banning

 Anthropology, STG

Household Archaeology, Survey, Neolithic




Heather Miller

 Anthropology UTM

Ancient Technology, Indus Valley, Caravanserai



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Wadi Ziqlab Project

Caravanserai Project

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Lena Mortensen

Anthropology, UTSC

Heritage, anthropology of archaeology, tourism, intellectual property



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Stephen Batiuk

CRANE/University of Toronto

Landscape Archaeology, GIS and Remote Sensing, Computing in Archaeology

Turkey, Ethiopia, Georgia.



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Katherine Blouin

Classics/ UTSc

Greek and Roman History, History of the Environment



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Sarah Murray

Archaeology Centre Executive Board 2018/19, Classics, St. George

Greek History and Material Culture,

history of exchange and economic institutions in the Eastern Mediterranean.


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Michelle Cameron

Anthropology/St. George

Bioarchaeology, human evolution, skeletal biology, adaptation and plasticity


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Valentina Napolitano

Anthropology/St. George

Religious infrastructures, Affect and Traces

Mexico, The Vatican and Detroit


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Michael Chazan

Founding Director, Archaeology Centre

Anthropology/St. George

Lithic Analysis, Paleolithic Archaeology

South Africa, Middle East


Katherine Patton

Anthropology/St. George

Coastal hunter-gatherers, shell midden archaeology

British Columbia, Canadian Maritimes


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Susan Pfeiffer

Anthropology/St. George

Bioarchaeology, palaeopathology, evolutionary theory

Great Lakes, South Africa


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Craig Cipolla

Royal Ontario Museum / Anthropology,UTG

Collaborative Indigenous archaeology,  colonialism, archaeological theory

New England, Great Lakes

Mohegan Project

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ROM Site

Mary-Ann Pouls Wegner

NMC/ St. George

New Kingdom , religious practice, cultural interaction



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Simon Coleman

Department for the Study of Religion

English Cathedrals, Cathedrals as city spaces, Materiality of pilgrimage



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Clemens Reichel

ROM/ NMC, St. George

Complex Socieites, Evolution of Urbanism

Syria, Iraq


Gary Coupland

Anthropology/St. George

Complex Hunter Gatherers, Household Archaeology

West Coast

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Sechelt Project

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Gary Crawford


Origins of Agriculture, Paleoethnobotany

China, Japan, Eastern North America



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Costis Dallas

Faculty of Information, St. George

Digital Heritage, Digital Curation, Cultural and Scholarly Practices


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Joe Desloges

Earth Science/St. George

Geoarchaeology, Landform development


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Michael Schillaci

Anthropology, UTSC

Bioarchaeology, Archaeology, American Southwest, use of historical linguistic data.



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Philip Sapirstein

Classics, UTG

Mediterranean Art and Architecture, Ceramics,Greeks and the East, 3D Recording technologies



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Lauren Schroeder

Anthropology - UTM

Quantitative methods, Fossil hominin diversity, Evolutionary processes, Quantitative genetics


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Genevieve Dewar


Subsistence strategies, taphonomy, human evolution

South Africa, Ontario


Chen Shen

Royal Ontario Museum

Paleolithic, Use Wear Analysis



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AMEMSA Project

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Sarah Finkelstein

Earth Science/ St. George

Paleoecology, Pollen Analysis




David Smith


Iroquois archaeology, ceramic analysis

Ontario, Cuba



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Max Friesen

Anthropology/St. George

Hunter-Gatherers, Community Archaeology,  zooarchaeoloy


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Kitikmeot Heritage Society

Bence Viola

Anthropology/St. George

Palaeoanthropology, modern human origins, Neanderthals, human evolution, ancient DNA.

Central and Northern Asia, Central Europe.



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Carrie Fulton

Historical Studies (UTM) and Classics (STG)

Classical Archaeology, Trade Networks, Nautical Archaeology



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Timothy Harrison

Archaeology Centre Executive Board 2018/19

Chair, Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations

Complex societies in the Levant, Ceramics

Jordan, Turkey



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Tayinat Project

CRANE Project

Liye Xie

Archaeology Centre Executive Board 2018/19, Anthropology/UTM

Prehistoric land-use strategies, agriculture, sedentary settlement, experimental archaeology, use-wear analysis, technological changes, China


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The Archaeology Centre, 19 Russell St., Toronto, Ontario M5S 2S2.    email:  archaeology@utoronto.ca