Undergraduates at the University of Toronto may choose to pursue the study of archaeology through study in departments with particular areas of focus-- particularly Classics for ancient Greece and Rome and Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations for the Ancient Near East.  Alternatively students can pursue a Minor, Major, or Specialist through the Interdisciplinary Archaeology Program administered by Anthropology.  This program allows students to take courses from a very wide range of departments.  The learn more about the interdisciplinary program visit the Anthropology Website through this link:




Undergraduates also have many opportunities for summer field work and for research opportunities in faculty laboratories.  We will update information on these opportunities as they become available.  Planning for summer fieldwork usually takes place in the early Winter.  A complete listing of the current field work opportunities can be found here and fieldwork scholarships here.


Undergraduates are strongly encouraged to take part in the intellectual life of the Centre.  Most events are open and provide a great opportunity to participate in 'archaeology in action'!

The Archaeology Centre, 19 Russell St., Toronto, Ontario M5S 2S2.    email:  archaeology@utoronto.ca